images and descriptions of my series {i} .... [you] appeared in several reviews and discussions of the Cornish 2010 BFA show.

the Stranger's Jen Graves listed my "sparkling scrolling-text porn with interchangeable "I's and "You"s" on her list of the highlights.

the blogger Joey Veltkamp writes, "It was so crowded last night that I probably would have missed the video gem by E. Dughi if Sharon hadn't excitedly told me I had to see it. {i} .... [you] is a text-based exchange between the artist and her partner. This piece was presented in two ways; I first watched it in a darkened room, almost as if we were watching it in a seedy adult theater from the 70s. I preferred the second presentation of three small monitors, each under 10 inches. This forced you to step closer and created a type of intimacy I haven't felt in a while."

Sharon Arnold's review of the show speaks more to the show as a whole and the conditions of the building, but it is a thoughtful and very valid assessment. she also has some great images of the show.