two pieces from the series {i} .... [you] were featured in a group show at the Catherine Person Gallery, entitled Tenfold, that ran from july 1st to august 7th. the show was a collection of small works, primarily sculptures.

lead, video still

need, video still

need, installation detail


images and descriptions of my series {i} .... [you] appeared in several reviews and discussions of the Cornish 2010 BFA show.

the Stranger's Jen Graves listed my "sparkling scrolling-text porn with interchangeable "I's and "You"s" on her list of the highlights.

the blogger Joey Veltkamp writes, "It was so crowded last night that I probably would have missed the video gem by E. Dughi if Sharon hadn't excitedly told me I had to see it. {i} .... [you] is a text-based exchange between the artist and her partner. This piece was presented in two ways; I first watched it in a darkened room, almost as if we were watching it in a seedy adult theater from the 70s. I preferred the second presentation of three small monitors, each under 10 inches. This forced you to step closer and created a type of intimacy I haven't felt in a while."

Sharon Arnold's review of the show speaks more to the show as a whole and the conditions of the building, but it is a thoughtful and very valid assessment. she also has some great images of the show.

artist's statement

this artist's statement appeared the Cornish 2010 bfa show catalogue along with my project, {i} .... [you]

{i} am addicted to the internet because of the kinds of connections it enables- deep, intense friendships and romances, where words communicate what physical contact cannot. {i} believe that identity is flexible and that emotional experience is real, even if the experience is virtual. {i} am a product of the tension between these two forces, of intimate honesty and shifting identity.

[my partner] and {i} understand each other through text-based role-play, where {we} write stories about fictional characters, often taken from pop culture. {i} want to uncover the pieces of {ourselves} that {we} reveal even while writing fiction as we demonstrate new ways for {us} to experience the oldest emotions.

2010 video experiments: {i} .... [you]

this piece, lead, has been shown at the 2010 Cornish College of the Arts BFA Show and in the show Tenfold at the Catherine Person Gallery.

it is shown on a 4"x6.5" monitor.

this piece, bait, was shown only at the 2010 Cornish College of the Arts BFA Show. it is also shown on a 4"x6.5" monitor.